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Trouble Boys (rock)

In 1982 guitarist Tim Gibbons left Hamilton, Ontario band The Shakers to form his own group The Trouble Boys with ex-Slander drummer Ray Farrugia and bass player Mike Williams. The band was short-lived and recorded their only album, ‘Pass the Bottle, Baby’ in a single 13-hour recording session. It was released on their own Booze Records label in 1985; Gibbons went on to be a session player of some renown including work on the Billy-Bob Thornton movie ‘Slingblade’) and occasionally reunites with his former band The Shakers and sits in with The Dave Rave Group. He released a solo album on the Cowboy Junkies’ Latent Recordings label entitled ‘Trail of Smoke’ in 2011; Williams would go on to work with Tom Wilson and Cadillac Bill. He now plays in the Hellbent Rockers. - Jaimie Vernon, The Canadian Pop Music Encyclopedia

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A1 Mean Town                                                          A2 Shake Like Lightning

A3 Bored Little School Girl                                        A4 Wild Times

A5 Graveyard Shift                                                   B1 Wheels Are In Motion

B2 Lampost                                                              B3 Sexual Suspect

B4 Pass The Bottle Baby

Pass The Bottle, Baby - 1985


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