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Urgent (hard rock, AOR)

Sharing the name of a band from New York, the Canadian band Urgent was from Toronto, Ontario, and formed when drummer Kim Hunt left the band Zon in 1982 and connected with bassist Doug Baynham and guitarist Wayne Siberry. With Baynham also handling the majority of the vocal duties, they wrote and practiced daily, practically living in the studio for three months. Keyboardist John McGoldrick was added for touring purposes and they quickly established themselves as one of the hotter new heavy acts on the Ontario circuit, and it wasn't long before they were playing shows across the country – catching the attention of Epic Records execs along the way.

Urgent - Timing - 1984.jpg

Timing - 1994


Killer Love 3:18                               Degan (Love You Leave You) 4:51

You're Not The One 3:22                Cat On The Prowl 4:10

Midnight Lover 3:27                        Keeper Of My Heart 4:02

Bad News 4:13                               I'll Find A Way 3:40

Too Hot Too Handle 3:35


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