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The VaGiants (hard rock, punk)

This is straight up sleaze rock full of riotous, raunchy riffs and back alley wails that at times starts sounding a lot like the Pandoras after they got over that 60s mod phase and moved onto the likes of the Stooges and the Sonics. The Vagiants from Winnipeg are vocalist Joanne Rodriguez, who has a quality that goes beyond whiskey-and-cigarettes- it's more like a week-long bender that ends face down on the bathroom floor, while guitarist Craig Bjerring pierces each song with wild sounds that remain a focal point. The band called it quits in 2004.

Vagiants - Short And Hard - 2003.jpg

Short And Hard - 2002

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1 Hotbox 2:56                                            2 Nice And Easy 2:45

3 Sugarmama 3:23                                    4 Yakamon 2:55

5 Hey, Hey, Hey 4:10                                 6 Over The Edge 2:41

7 F.U.B. 3:28                                              8 Bury Me Standing 3:15

9a Alright 5:30                                           9b Maybe 3:30

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Vagiants - Waiting For The Night To Come


A1 Night To Come 2:47                            A2 Space Out 2:53

A3 Detroit 2:34                                         A4 Shiner 3:23

A5 E.B.T. 4:06                                          B1 Easy Mover 4:22

B2 1-2-3 3:56                                           B3 Turn It Around 3:43

Night's End (Off The Rails)(4:01)

B4.1Part I: Rollin' Thunder Express        B4.2Part II: Dedication To The Absence Of Light

Waiting For The Night To Come - 2004