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Valaire (Electronic, Symphonic)

After being known as Misteur Valaire for a decade, the Montreal group felt it was time to simplify things, starting with their name. They dropped the “Misteur” because it had become unnecessary. Plus, most fans already called them VALAIRE for short. Now, it’s official. They also teamed up with Indica Records to handle their business. After cutting their teeth in the DIY world since the very beginning, it is now time for VALAIRE to concentrate on what they do best: make great, award-winning music (two time ADISQ winners for Electronic Album of the Year; Juno and GAMIQ nominations) and create exhilarating live shows, as witnessed by more than 100,000 people at the Montreal International Jazz Festival and at numerous concerts in North America and Europe.

Valaire - Mr. Brian - 2006.jpg

Mr. Brian - 2006

Valaire - Friterday Night - 2007.jpg

Friterday Night - 2007

Valaire - Golden Bombay - 2010.jpg

Golden Bombay - 2010

Valaire - Live at Montreal - 2012.jpg

Live @Montreal - 2012

Valaire - Bellevue - 2013.jpg

Bellevue - 2013

Valaire - Oobopopop - 2016.jpg

Oobopopop - 2016

Valaire - Misteur Valaire Symphonique -

Misteur Valaire Symphonique - 2020

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