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Vehicle (classic rock)

Hamilton area singer Owen Smith had been in two bands in the early ’70s – Maxwell Friday and Old Sailor – before heading to Alberta to become a truck driver for 8 months. From there he traveled down to South America. When he finally returned to Canada he was offered the lead singing job in the band Vehicle. The band recorded some demos in 1976 for John Driscoll of Skyline Records and within a year they were signed to the label. Vehicle’s self-titled debut was released in 1977 and the first single, “Mr. Love”, peaked at No.25 on the RPM Top Singles chart.  - Jaimie Vernon, The Canadian Pop Music Encyclopedia

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Vehicle - 1977

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Mr. Skin 3:20                                                   All My Life 4:00

Raunchy Rollin' 2:58                                       You Could Have Been A Star 3:40

Above & Below Me 3:15                                  Mr. Love 3:10

Beaver Rock 2:45                                           Octopus 3:25

Da-Night Shuffle 3:15                                     To A Beautiful Lady 6:20

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