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Vivek Mehmi

Mississauga, Ontario

Vivek~ A given name of Sanskrit origin meaning wisdom or knowledge

Vivek’s fascination with hip hop culture started at an early age. In kindergarten, he emulated the dance moves seen in Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo, finding inspiration from the likes of legendary breakers Turbo and Ozone.  Throughout his young adult years, Vivek’s love for music evolved. He immersed himself with artists at every opportunity, from hosting a campus radio show at Wilfrid Laurier University to working at non profit music organizations like FACTOR and CMRRA.  Vivek’s debut album Right as Rain, was released October 11th, 2019. Right as Rain includes a collection of personal, introspective tracks inspired by his life and the challenges he faced.

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Hip hop, rap

Awards & Accolades


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Years Active


2014 - present




Save Me feat. Brenda Mullen

Best Day Ever


Vivek Mehmi

Music & Merch

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Right As Rain - 2019

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