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Voggue (electronic, disco)

Voggue was a pop duo from the 1980's based in Montreal. Originally created by Denyse Lepage and a singer friend, their greatest hit was "Dancin' The Night Away" in 1981. Because Denyse Lepage was already known from her Lime club hit 'Your Love', TransCanada Music, the management didn't wanted to 'confuse' the public and so hired two girls which had absolutely nothing to do with the creation and production of the music: Chantal Condor (who later became Chantal Chamandy) and Angela Songui who did it for the promotion, eventually owned the name and took the formation further without the formation originators even being asked.

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Voggue - 1981

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Love Buzz 7:23                                               Here We Are 3:11

Movin' Up 4:22                                                Go For It 4:56

Dancin' The Night Away 7:24                          Without Your Love 5:03

Back Again 5:19

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I Love To Dance                                            Loverboy

Heart On The Line                                        Presto Changeo

Hearts Delight                                               Sun Struck Lovers

Now That It's Over                                        Night Stalker

Take 2 - 1983