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Vos Voisins (heavy prog)

Vos Voisins (Your Neighbours) was an early prog rock band from Québec that released a single album in 1971 while much of the Rock Progressif Québécois was still caught up in the heavy psychedelic haze period and had yet to blossom. Though their album reflects the heavy guitar rock and organ of the day, there are gentler piano songs, too.  One should note that the original cover was actually a spoof of the Montreal magazine Âllo Police! but because of the likeness, they band had to hastily come up with a new cover (both shown here).  Keyboardist J Perron and drummer P Ringuet had worked together with local celebrities and then with Les Enzymes (L Forestier and Y Deschamps) before hooking up with Guitarist Vallieres and bassist Parenteau and making Vos Voisins. 

Vos Voisins (Original Cover) - 1971

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Voisins (Mon Chum) 3:10                             Sous La Lune 4:46

L'Instrumental 4:27                                       Tania 5:05

Le Monstre De La Main Ou The Main Monster 6:05

Y'a Juste De T'ça 3:49                                 Le 3/4 De L'Archevêque 6:07

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Vos Voisins (Reissue) - 1971

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