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Wanka (hard rock, prog rock)

Wanka's debut album was produced by JUNO Award winning producer Terry Brown (Max Webster, Rush); Chris Gibb would later go on to be a member of the Suspects which evolved into The Deserters; Doug Smith released a solo CD called “Goodbye Carriage Road” in late 2004. Members: - Howard Samuel (lead guitar, vocals) - Chris Gibb (bass, vocals) - Mike McConnell (drums) - Mark Pickett (rhythm guitar, vocals) - Doug Paul Smith (keyboards, vocals) - Jaimie Vernon, The Canadian Pop Music Encyclopedia

Wanka - The Orange Album - 1977.jpg

The Orange Album - 1977

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Make Up Your Mind (You Can't Have Both)    5:37               Wrong Door 3:50

Sue Anne 3:13                                                                      Get Ahead 6:25

I Want You (By My Side) 4:24                                              Say No More 7:20

Same Way 7:15

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