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West My Friend

Victoria, British Columbia

In the modern musical landscape, it’s rare to hear something as put-together as three-piece Cascadian folk outfit West My Friend - something so layered, deeply symphonic, baroque, and mysterious in its own winking way while still courting an edge of disaster. Simple is safe, but complex is fiery, intricate, and ultimately more rewarding.  Mingling grassroots guitar, mandolin, accordion, orchestral instruments, and interweaving harmonies, In Constellation (produced by Joby Baker, co-produced and arranged by Adrian Dolan) features longtime members Eden Oliver, Alex Rempel, and Jeff Poynter conceiving a new box, then thinking outside of it. - West My Friend

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Folk, roots

Awards & Accolades


New Artist


Years Active


2009 - present 



Salt Water

Build A Bed

Take It Slow


Guitar, Vocals / Eden Oliver, Mandolin, Vocals / Alex Rempel, Accordion, Vocals / Jeff Poynter

Music & Merch

West My Friend - Place - 2012.jpg
West My Friend - When The Ink Dries - 20
West My Friend - Quiet Hum - 2016.jpg

Place - 2012

When The Ink Dries - 2014

Quiet Hum - 2016

West My Friend - In Constellation - 2019

In Constellation - 2019


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