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What's He Building In There? (avant-garde, progressive metal)

What's He Building in There? was an avant-garde metal band, formed in 2006 in Waterloo, Ontario and active until 2010. The band's music combined elements of funk, avant-garde metal and progressive rock. The band, named after a Tom Waits song from Mule Variations, were known for their live show in which they usually wear outrageous costumes. They have been said to "create a sort of audio psychosis that totally envelopes and surrounds the listener like a straight jacket," and their debut album, which was released in 2007 has been described as "an unlikable masterpiece."

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What's He Building In There - What's He


1 Black Scythe Affair                                  2 Citizen Of The City

3 A Walk On The Beach                            4 Armadillo

5 Armageddon                                           6 (Holy Shit) The Droid Is Missing

7 I, Xolott                                                   8 Monkey Knife Fight

9 Windmills                                                10 Avian Taxi

What's He Building In There? - 2007


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