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Whisky Hollow (country, rock)

Considered one of the first Canadian Country Rock Bands, Whisky Hollow formed in 1974. Their first public performance was at the Burford Fairgrounds (Ontario) in 1975. Whisky Hollow performed across North America, appearing with legends such as Tammy Wynette, Faron Young, and Freddy Fender. They also appeared on TV shows such as Lively Country and Till Midnight. The band released 3 albums and had 14 charted singles. They were nominated for Best Performing Group at the Canadian Country Music Awards in 1980 and 1981. Whisky Hollow reformed in 2006 and held a reunion show which included 9 members of the band.

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Melissa                                                   You're Always There

Why Did He Die                                     Old Nate

Promised Land                                       Long Black Veil

Cinderella                                              Better Off At Home

Alright You Win                                      Bluebeard's Blues

Ballad Of Cy Henry

Population 4 - 1976

Whisky Hollow - Lively Country -


A1 Bar Room Bon Vivant                         A2 Cosmic Cowboy

A3 What You Have To Offer                     A4 It'S The Last Time

A5 I Need Some Lovin’                            B1 Roller Derby Queen

B2 Promised Land                                   B3 Country Song

B4 She Called Me Merle                          B5 It’S All Over Now

Lively Country - 1979

Whisky Hollow - We Know Better -


A1 Old Trains 2:43                                   A2 We Know Better 2:59

A3 Mason-Dixon Line 3:00                      A4 Baroom Devil 3:02

A5 Bottle of Whisky 2:36                         B1 Heart of Dixie 3:06

B2 Denver 2:50                                       B3 Keep On Tryin' 3:00

B4 Bo Jangles 3:10                                 B5 Bayou Jubilee 2:30


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We Know Better - 1983