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The Wildwood Family (country, folk)

The Wildwood Family was born in 2011, in Montreal, with the goal of sharing the vast repertoire of country/americana/folk music to their audience. With three female lead singers, the band's greatest strength is in it's vocal harmonies. With their costumes and their instrumentation, The Wildwood Family recreates the vibe and the essence of country bands from the 30's and 40's, such as The Carter Family.

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Wildwood Family - The Wildwood Family -


1. Wildwood Flowers 02:57                             2. Henri Lee 01:59

3. Sweet Talking Man 01:39                            4. Cotton Fields 02:27

5. It's My Lazy Day 02:25                                6. Fair & Tender Ladies 03:22

7. He Went Slippin' Around 02:11                   8. Ring Of Fire 02:53

9. Pretty Polly 03:25                                       10. Foggy Mountain Top 02:58

The Wildwood Family - 2021


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