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Wolf Mail

Montreal, Quebec

Wolf Mail (born 1972) from Montreal, is a blues rock guitarist and singer. Mail recorded two independent albums in the mid-'90s before signing up with ZYX records.  His first effort, Solid Ground, included the ballad "Hello" which stayed in the best selling music charts in Japan for three weeks and had fans declare their "favourite love song of all time".  Player Magazine Japan selected Mail as the "Close-up" artist of the month in June 2005.  MusicOz Australia gave Wolf Mail best top 10 international performer of the year award for 2012.  - Wolf Mail

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blues, rock

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1999 - present




Free For All

Going Down


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Wolf Mail - Blues Fix - 2005.jpg
Wolf Mail - Solid Ground - 2009.jpg
Wolf Mail - Live Blues In Red Square - 2

Blues Fix - 2005

Solid Ground - 2009

Live Blues In Red Square - 2009

Wolf Mail - Electric Love Soul -
Wolf Mail - The Basement Session - 2011.

Electric Love Soul - 2010

The Basement Session - 2011

Wolf Mail - Above the Influence - 2013.j

Above The Influence - 2013

Wolf Mail - Oseana Auditorium - 2015.jpg

Oseana Auditorium - 2015