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Wolf Parade

Montreal, Quebec

Wolf Parade is an indie rock band formed in 2003 in Montreal, Quebec, of musicians from British Columbia. The band went on indefinite hiatus in 2011, but announced its return to recording and performing in January 2016.  Wolf Parade began in April 2003, when former Frog Eyes member Spencer Krug was offered a gig by Grenadine Records' Alex Megelas. With only a three-week deadline to form a band, Krug contacted a fellow guitarist Dan Boeckner (formerly of Atlas Strategic) and began writing songs. Initially using a drum machine for their rhythm section, Krug later invited Arlen Thompson to the lineup as the drummer; however, the newly formed trio rehearsed as a full band only the day before their first show.  During the tour, Wolf Parade recorded and released their self-titled debut EP (also known as their 4 Song EP). - Wikipedia



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2003 – 2011, 2016–present


Modern World

Valley Boy

I'll Believe In Anything


Music & Merch

Wolf Parade - 2004

Apologies To The Queen Mary - 2005

At Mount Zoomer - 2008

Expo 86 - 2010

Live In Nashville - 2016

Cry Cry Cry - 2017

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