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Zal Yanovsky (psychedelic rock)

Zalman Yanovsky (December 19, 1944 – December 13, 2002) was a folk-rock musician. Born in Toronto, he was the son of political cartoonist Avrom Yanovsky. Mostly self-taught, he began his musical career playing folk music coffee houses in Toronto. He teamed with fellow Canadian Denny Doherty in the Halifax Three. He played lead guitar and sang for the Lovin' Spoonful, a rock band which he founded with John Sebastian in 1964. He was inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame in 1996. Yanovsky died on December 13, 2002 in Kingston, Ontario from a heart attack, six days shy of his 58th birthday.

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Zal Yanovsky - Alive And Well In Argenti

Alive And Well In Argentina - 1968


Raven In A Cage 2:51                                       You Talk Too Much 2:31

Last Date 3:03                                                   Little Bitty Pretty One 2:57

Alive And Well In Argentina 3:27                       Brown To Blue 2:27

Priscilla Millionaira 3:10                                     I Almost Lost My Mind 3:10

Hip Toad 2:05                                                    Lt. Schtinckhausen 6:11


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