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Zeus (indie rock)

Zeus is a Toronto-based indie rock band signed to the Arts & Crafts record label. Its members include Rob Drake, Carlin Nicholson, Mike O'Brien, and Neil Quin. In addition to recording and performing the music of Zeus, the band also served as the backing band for Canadian musician Jason Collett. The band have released three albums and an EP. Say Us was included on the 2010 Polaris Music Prize long list, but failed to advance to the short list.

Zeus - Say Us - 2009.jpg

Say Us - 2009

Zeus - Busting Visions - 2012.jpg

Busting Visions - 2012



How Does It Feel?                                           Fever Of The Time

Kindergarten                                                    The Renegade

Greater Times On The Wayside                      The River By The Garden

You Gotta' Teller                                               I Know

Marching Through Your Head                          The Sound Of You

Heavy On Me                                                   At The Risk Of Repeating



Are You Gonna Waste My Time? 2:35            Love / Pain 2:56

Anything You Want Dear 3:39                         Let It Go, Don't Let It Go 3:32

Strong Mind 4:46                                             Bright Brown Opus 0:55

Love In A Game 3:16                                       With Eyes Closed 3:49

Hello, Tender Love 4:35                                   Messenger's Way 2:55

Proud And Beautiful 1:13                                Stop The Train 3:23

Cool Blue (And The Things You Do) 4:01       Now That I've Got You 2:32

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Zeus - Classic Zeus - 2014.jpg


Where Is My Love? 2:17                                    Miss My Friends 3:07

Everybody's Got One 3:14                                 Bonnieview 3:47

First One In 3:53                                                Straight Through The Light 4:00

Old Enough To Know 3:10                                 27 Is The New 17 2:18

One Line Written In 2:53                                    You Could Have A Lover 2:45

Throw It On The Fire 3:49

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Classic Zeus - 2014