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Brad Johner  (country)

Brad Johner grew up in Saskatchewan playing music in his family band. When he was 16, Brad won a National Talent Contest during Country Music Week in Hamilton in 1982. He spent six years maintaining his solo career before teaming up with his brother Ken to form The Johner Brothers in 1988. After 14 years, six albums (including their Greatest Hits), 26 singles, one Canadian Country Music Association (CCMA) award and more than 40 awards from the Saskatchewan Country Music Association (SCMA), including Entertainer of the Decade, Ken decided to retire from the music business to pursue other interests in 2002. Brad wasn't ready to hang it up yet, and returned to his solo career. He moved to Saskatoon with his wife Rhea and their five sons to begin work on his first solo album with producer Bart McKay. The album, Free, was released by Royalty Records in 2003.

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Brad Johner - Free - 2003.jpg

Free - 2003

Brad Johner - Summertime Road - 2005.jpg

Summertown Road - 2005


Free                                                             Still In love With You

Maybe She'll Change Her Mind                   My Brother And Me

See Jane Run                                              The Farmer's Back

Different                                                       She Moved

When Heaven Opens Up                             Hello

She Looks A Lot Like You                            Head Over Heels


1 I'd Rather Be Lucky                                      2 I've Got It Good

3 Summertown Road                                      4 Your Love Is My Luck

5 She Moved                                                   6 Livin' Big

7 What A Girl Wants                                        8 Beautiful World                           

9 Every Other Saturday                                  10 You Can't Beat An Original

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Brad Johner - Lookin' At You - 2009.jpg


1 The Trouble With Love                               2 Lookin' At You

3 I Want It                                                      4 High

5 That Wouldn't Be Me                                  6 She's Good To Go

7 The Whole Idea                                          8 Saved By Grace

9 Take Time                                                  10 The Other Side Of The Radio

Lookin' At You - 2009