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British Modbeats (garage, psychedelic rock, blues)

Formed in 1963 by Fraser Loveman The British Modbeats were a garage, psychedelic band from St. Catharines, Ontario which didn't stop them from making a lasting impact on the thriving North American garage and psychedelic scene of that era. The Modbeats got signed to the Red Leaf Label after finding popularity and acclaim within the Canadian Mod scene with the label hoping to use the band to ride the British Invasion wave at the time. The Modbeats LP came out in '67. On the cover, it boldly states "Mod is... The British Modbeats". They disbanded in 1967 when Loveman left to start a new group, The Foundation. Fraser Loveman passed away April 6, 2018 due to complications from pneumonia.

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British Modbeats - Mod Is...The British


A1 Whatcha Gonna Do About It 2:22                 A2 Love's Just A Broken Heart 2:15

A3 The Price Of Love 2:05                                 A4 Ain't Nobody Home But Me 2:21

A5 L.S.D. 1:57                                                    A6 Land Of A 1000 Dances 2:47

B1 Somebody Help Me 1:55                              B2 Sorrow 2:31

B3 More Love 2:06                                             B4 Try To Understand 2:21

B5 Don't Answer Me 2:16                                     

Mod Is...The British Modbeats - 1967

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