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Cameo Blues Band

Toronto, Ontario

The Cameo Blues Band is a Toronto-based blues band, originally formed in 1978. It is particularly notable for its association with several of Canada's leading blues singers, including Richard "Hock" Walsh, Tony Flaim and Chuck Jackson, all of whom were also associated with the Downchild Blues Band.  The band is named after the Cameo Lounge of Toronto's Hotel Isabella, as it then was, in the 1970s and 1980s

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Blues, rock


Associated Acts


Downchild Blues Band


Years Active


1978 - 1990



Big Boss Man

Rockin' My Life Away

Blues With A Feeling


Members: Ray Harrison, John Bride, Michael Sloski, John Dickie, Travis Harrison, Tom Griffiths

Past Members: Richard "Hock" Walsh (deceased), Fraser Finlayson(deceased), Tony Flaim (deceased)
Chuck Jackson,  Malcolm Tomlinson, Walter Zwol, Omar Tunnoch, Billy Bryans (deceased), Paul Armstrong
Wayne Mills, Wally Cameron, Randall Coryell, Mike Eastman, Gerry Markman, Dave Gray, Fred Keeler


Music & Merch

Cameo Blues Band - All Play And No Work
Cameo Blues Band - 10,000 Hours - 2012.j

All Play, No Work - 2002

10,000 Hours - 2012

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