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Chris Antonik (blues, rock)

Toronto-based Chris Antonik is a three-time Maple Blues Award-nominee and one of Canada’s most acclaimed blues artists. Blending innovative, thoughtful songwriting with stunning blues guitar work, some music critics have drawn comparisons to Eric Clapton.  In its 2010 year-end review, Chris was named the "future of the blues" by Canada's Blues Underground Network. In 2011, Chris was nominated for Best New Artist of the Year at the Maple Blues Awards.  In 2013, his sophomore album Better for You was hailed by critics as “a masterpiece,” “the best Canadian blues-rock album of 2013,” and “the sound of someone taking the blues to a new place.” - Chris Antonik 

Chris Antonik - 2010


1 More To Give 4:45                                                          2 Roll With It 3:55

3 The King Of Infidelity 4:51                                              4 If We Start From Here 3:41

5 Dhyana 2:55                                                                   6 She's A Burglar 3:39

7 Almost Free 5:00                                                            8 Double Trouble 4:50

9 Reap What You Sow 5:40                                            10 Persevering Kind 4:32


     1.  Long Way To Go (Featuring Steve Marriner)                           2. Turn To Shine

     3. Come From A Good Place (Featuring Shakura S'Aida)          4.Broken Man (Featuring Mike Mattison)

     5.Have A Good Time (Featuring Josh Williams)                         6.Shake Me Down

     7.Better For You                                                                          8.Nothing I Can Do

     9.Tell Me What You Need                                                          10.So Tired

    11.I'll Help You Through

Better For You - 2013


    1. I'd Burn it All Down (For You)                                                 2. You're Killing My Love

    3.Slow Moving Train                                                                   4. Gold Star

    5.The Monarch and the Wrecking Ball                                       6. Love, Bettike

    7. Forgiveness is Free                                                                8. The Art of Letting Go

    9. All Our Days                                                                          10. New Religion

   11. Hungry Ghost                                                                        12. A Slip in the Rain

   13. Everywhere I Go

Monarch - 2017

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