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Dillinger (psychedelic, prog rock)

Dillinger was formed by brothers Jacques and Robert Harrison in 1973. Under the management of Cliff Hunt they began recording with producer Bruce Ley. Hunt took their near-completed song “People” to Frank Davies at Daffodil Records who signed them in 1974. Their debut album, ‘Dillinger’, was a jazz/rock fusion and featured only four songs including a 17 minute suite called “Live & Return” and a cover version of Spirit’s “Nature’s Way” (which was released as a single). The album was met with indifference, but did attract the attention of US investor/promoter Thomas Demeter who encouraged the band to record their follow-up in Flint, Michigan. - Jaimie Vernon, The Canadian Pop Music Encyclopedia

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City Man

Nature's Way

Live And Return

Dillinger - 1974

Dillinger - Don't Lie To The Band - 1976.jpg


Two Time Love 3:12                                          Taxman 3:05

It's Not All Mine 3:37                                          Munchkin Men 9:37

You Lied 8:05                                                    Robot Race 6:05

Coming Home 7:48

Don't Lie To The Band - 1976

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