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Downchild Blues Band


The Downchild Blues Band is a blues band, described by one reviewer as "the premier blues band in Canada". The band is still commonly known as the Downchild Blues Band, though the actual band name was shortened to "Downchild" in the early 1980s. The Blues Brothers band was heavily influenced by Downchild Blues Band.  The Downchild Blues Band was formed in Toronto in 1969 and continues to perform today. It was co-founded by two brothers, Donnie ("Mr. Downchild") Walsh and Richard ("Hock") Walsh. The band's international fame is partially due to three of its songs, the originals "I've Got Everything I Need (Almost)" and "Shot Gun Blues", and its adaptation of "Flip, Flop and Fly", all from its 1973 album, Straight Up, being featured on the first Blues Brothers album, Briefcase Full of Blues (1978).  2014 JUNO Award winner for Blues Album of the Year (Can You Hear the Music). -Wikipedia




Associated Acts


Gary Kendall Band, Chuck Jackson and The Allstars, Fathead


Years Active


1969 - present


I Got Everything I Need (Almost)

Flip, Flop And Fly

Messin' With the Kid


Current:  Donnie Walsh, Chuck Jackson, Michael Fonfara
Pat Carey, Gary Kendall, Mike Fitzpatrick

Peter Jefferey
Past:  Richard "Hock" Walsh, Dave Woodward, Cash Wall, John Tanti, Jim Milne
Malccolm Mccaig, Jane Vasey, Michael O'Connell, Wayne Wilson, Tony Flaim
John Witmer, Billy Bryans, Kenny Neal, Wayne Jackson, Phil Alperson
Frank Russell, Tony Rodolone, Paul Nixon, Nat Abraham, James Warburton
Vic Wilson, Gene Taylor, Bob Heslin, Mike Skinner, Pete Macnamara
Jim Casson, Pat Rush, Dennis Pinhorn, Marty Vickers, Doran Katz
Mike McKenna, Craig Kaleal, Bill Brennan


Music & Merch

Bootleg - 1971

Straight Up - 1974

Dancing - 1974

Ready To Go - 1975

So Far - A Collection Of Our Best - 1977

Road Fever - 1980

We Deliver - 1980

Blood Run Hot - 1981

It's Been So Long - 1987

Double Header - 1988

But I'm On The Guest List - 1982

Gone Fishing - 1989

Lucky 13 - 1997

A Case Of The Blues - 1998

Live - 2007

A Matter Of Time - 2000

I Need A Hat - 2009

Can You Hear The Music - 2013

Come On In - 2004

Body Of Work - 2003

Something I've Done - 2017

Downchild Blues Band - Live At The Toron

50th Anniversary Live At The Toronto Jazz Festival - 2020

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