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Dr. Buck & The Bluesbangers (blues, rock)

Dr. Buck & the Bluesbangers are a blues, classic rock band from Thunder Bay, Ontario. The band has downsized from the original 5 members to 3 core members. Front man Dr. Buck (Ray) has re-invented himself moving from rhythm guitar and vocals, becoming the main guitarist with a shared spot on the vocals. In the fall of 2012 Roman joined the group bringing to the table third lead vocal to compliment the lead vocals from the Bukovy Brothers.  No longer just a blues band The Dr.Buck band is now well rounded … swapping vocals and harmonies, lead guitar and keyboard & harmonica solos, and an extensive list of classic rock and modern blues tunes.

Dr. Buck & The Bluesbangers - Bluesbange

Bluesbanged - 2013


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