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Jim Dan Dee (blues, rock)

The name “Jim Dan Dee” comes from the expression “Everything is just Jim Dandy”, an old cliché often used with expletives inserted. Jim Dan Dee (affectionately known as ‘J.D.D.’ by their fans) is not only a Blues band, but also a character; an idea that embodies the spirit of the music and Jim Stefanuk’s frontman persona. On stage Jim’s intensity is like a man possessed, his soulful baritone voice juxtaposed against cutting vintage guitar tones. Tying the melodies together is the silky-smooth saxophone of Bobby Sewerynek, veteran horn player and former big-band sessionist. The backbeat is solidly held down by Justin Goran’s growling basslines and Shawn Royal’s unmistakably solid meter and slick groove. When you see Jim Dan Dee, you get it, and their electric energy on-stage will leave you craving more.

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Jim Dan Dee - Five Stiff Shots (EP) - 2015.jpg

Five Stiff Shots (EP) - 2015


1. Fucked Up 

 2. Friends 

 3. Standing in the Window 

 4. Chickie and the Toad 

 5. Burn It Down

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Jim Dan Dee - Save My Soul - 2018.jpg


1 Save My Soul                                                2 Pay Day

3 Trying To Get Somewhere                             4 Just Cuz

5 Treat Me Right                                               6 When You Move Like That There

7 Killer                                                              8 Going To Hell

9 Stand By My Woman                                    10 Sole Survivor

11 Walkin` Shoes

Save My Soul - 2018

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