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The Kat Kings (blues, rockabilly)

Kevin McQuade’s Kat Kings from Toronto, mine the original rockabilly rock n’ roll kats for their inspiration, tapping into the pure grooves of early Elvis, Cash, Perkins etc., and delivering a goddamned beer drinkin’ n’ hell raisin’ party, no doubt about it. In addition to the exceptional vocals and guitar playing from bandleader Kevin McQuade, The Kat Kings are comprised of an award-winning cast and “who’s who” on the Canadian blues and roots scene including the album’s producer Teddy Leonard (Fathead, The Maple Blues All Stars) on additional guitars. The Kat Kings also consists of Al Cross (Drums) and John Dymond (Electric/Upright Bass) and Martin Alex Aucoin . “Swingin’ In The Swamp” is party music the way it used to sound, and the way it should again.  

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Kat Kings - The Winning Hand - 2011.jpg

The Winning Hand - 2011


1 Tuffer Than Me 4:11                                     2 Let's Get Greasy 3:33

 3Born In The Back Of A Cadillac 4:10           4 I Don't Understand 3:20

5 Lucky Streak 3:15                                        6 Ridin' On The Road 4:03

 7Queen Of The Mardi Gras 3:04                   8 Don't You Know 2:49

9 That Train 4:15                                            10 Fatback Ribs 2:04

11 Whatcha Gonna Do 3:15                           12 She's No Good 3:37

13 Got Some Dough 2:27

Kat Kings - Swingin In The Swamp - 2016.

Swingin' In The Swamp - 2016


1 When I Say Jump 2:16                              2 Poppin At Party Time 3:05

3 B Flat Ka 2:30                                            4 I Work For You 4:36

5 Juke Joint Jimmy 3:06                               6 Before I Found Him 4:36

7 Ridin In Style 2:45                                     8 I'm Just A Shadow 3:30

9 It Came From The Swamp 4:45                10 Till It Feels Right 4:03

11 I Got The Fuse 2:49                                 12 Late Night Thing 3:30                          

1 3Baby You Can't Drink 3:15


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