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Maow (indie rock)

Maow was an indie rock band from Vancouver, British Columbia. A pop punk combo, the band was part of the "cuddlecore" scene led by Cub. Maow consisted of guitarist Tobey Black, bassist Corrina Hammond and drummer Neko Case. All three members shared vocal duties. Black, Hammond and Case originally came together under the name Meow. The band changed the spelling of its name to Maow to avoid confusion with another group. They released their full-length album on 11 June 1996, The Unforgiving Sounds of Maow, on Mint Records.

Maow - The Unforgiving Sounds Of Maow -

The Unforgiving Sounds Of Maow - 1996


Wank 1:42                                              Mean Mean Man 1:00

Sucker 1:52                                            Ms. Lefevre 1:53

Rock 'N' Roll Boy 1:13                            Very Missionary 1:09

Mommie's Drunk 1:33                            Woman's Scorn 1:30

Showpie 1:09                                         J'ai Faim 0:40

Man What's Got A Gun 1:06                  How Does That Grab You, Darlin? 2:01

Party Tonite! 0:54                                  Cat's Meow 0:44

Bonus Tracks

One Night Stand 1:01                            Catastrophe1:04

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