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Matt Weidinger (blues, rock)

Matt Weidinger has a voice like no other. The 26-year-old Kitchener, ON native is a passionate young songwriter, who is well known for his mature rock/soul vocals and impressive multi-instrumental (organ, guitar) talents. Although some consider him a throw back of the '60s, he still has the capacity to grab the attention of both the old, young and everyone in between. He's an “old soul” who easily commands the attention of any crowd.  His passion for music and performing is contagious. Starting his music career at the ripe age of 15, Weidinger has had the pleasure of playing a variety of venues around Southwestern Ontario on a weekly basis. He also performs at multiple blues festivals around the province. - Matt Weidinger

Matt Weidinger – Kitchener Based Musician

Matt Weidinger - Matt Weidinger - 2017.j


1. Afraid 03:29                                             2. Celebrate 02:59

3. Carry You Home 03:35                            4. Tired 03:55

5. Broken 04:07                                           6. Nothing to Say 04:49

7. Walk Away 03:44                                     8. More 02:06

9. Escape 04:49

Matt Weidinger - 2017

Matt Weidinger - Breakage - 2020.jpg


1. Morning Comfort 03:17                          2. Days 03:12

3. Step Out 04:25                                       4. It's Ok 05:46

5. Breakage 06:46                                     6. Backyard 02:44

7. Slow 03:53                                             8. Sweet Refrain 04:10

9. Going to California 05:33

Breakage - 2020


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