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Mighty Duck Blues Band (blues, rock)

Known primarily as a versatile back-up band with the ability to pull a great show together on the fly, their forte has been to build every performance around a guest artist, the best blues singers and musicians that Canada has to offer.  Mighty Duck Blues Band are all seasoned veterans whose members include  Dave Curry (guitar, vocals), Canada Dave Torosian (organ),  Jim Casson (drums, vocals) and Gary Kendall (bass, vocals). They have made Jo Blo's Rock & Wok is St. Catherines their Saturday home.  But make no mistake, this is not your average bar band!

The Mighty Duck Blues Band

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Mighty Duck Blues Band - Duck Soup - 201

Dive Bar Diva - 2018


1. Hammered and Nailed                         2. Don’t Send Me No Valentine
3. Castaway                                             4. Do Gooder Blues
5. Yes Indeed                                           6. 3 AM Blues
7. We Will Rock You                                8. Hurricane
9. Nobody Home                                     10. You’re Drivin’ Me Crazy
11. Cha-Ching                                         12. Duck Soup

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