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Sweeney Todd (rock, glam)

Sweeney Todd is a glam rock band formed in Vancouver in 1975. The band's original lead vocalist Nick Gilder left the band to start a solo career, and was replaced by a 16-year-old Bryan Adams, who later enjoyed international success as a solo artist. The band originally consisted of vocalist Nick Gilder, guitarist Jim McCulloch, bassist Budd Marr, keyboardist Dan Gaudin and drummer John Booth. The single "Roxy Roller" became a No. 1 hit in Canada, holding the top position in the RPM national singles chart for three weeks beginning on June 26, 1976, and winning a Juno Award for the band.

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Sweeney Todd - 1975


Roxy Roller 3:49                                         Broadway Boogie 2:58

Juicy Loose 2:56                                        Short Distance Long Journey 2:48

The Kilt (Instrumental) 4:26                        Rock 'N' Roll Story 3:57

Sweeney Todd Folder 3:29                        See What We're Doing Now 3:21

Day Dreams 2:29                                       Rue De Chance 3:07

Let's All Do It Again 4:24


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Sweeney Todd - If Wishes Were Horses - 1977.jpg


If Wishes Were Horses 3:48                      Tantalize 4:00

Until I Find You 2:35                                   Pushin' And Shovin' 2:55

# 5243605 Smith 5:10                                Song For A Star 2:54

Shut Up 3:08                                              All Of A Sudden 3:38

Wastin' Time 4:55                                      Say Hello Say Goodbye 3:55

If Wishes Were Horses - 1977