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Syrinx (prog rock, experimental)

Syrinx was an electronic music group active from 1970 to 1972. Propelled by the compositions of keyboardist John Mills-Cockell and backed by saxophonist Doug Pringle and percussionist Alan Wells, the group broke musical ground with their innovative use of the Moog synthesizer and their world music inspirations. Their song "Tillicum" received national attention as the theme music for the television series Here Come the Seventies. A progressive music trio whose body of work incorporated elements of electronica, classical and world music, and psychedelic rock, Syrinx initially played the Toronto coffee-house circuit. After a time, Canadian music executive and talent manager Bernie Finkelstein signed the trio to his newly-created True North Records. Syrinx released its first (eponymous) album in 1970. In its wake, the group found itself newly in demand from a variety of quarters: Syrinx opened for jazz legend Miles Davis on his Bitches Brew tour, and played bills with Ravi Shankar.

Syrinx - Syrinx - 1970.jpg

Syrinx - 1970


Melina's Torch 2:59                                     Journey Tree 4:48

Chant For Your Dragon King 10:22             Field Hymn 1:46

Hollywood Dream Trip 5:15                         Father Of Light 2:14

Appalosa - Pegasus 11:34


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Syrinx - Long Lost Relatives - 1971.jpg


Tumblers To The Vault 3:26                      Syren 5:57

December Angel 8:58                               Ibistix 8:04

Field Hymn (Epiloque) 2:52                      Tillicum 1:54

Better Deaf And Dumb From The First 2:54

Aurora Spinray 3:26

Long Lost Relatives - 1971