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The Blues Side (blues, rock)

The BLUES SIDE is a blues band that has been performing in Southern Ontario since 2014. The band performs all types of blues from every decade from various artists and including their own originals. Three members have been inducted in Windsor's Musicians Hall of Fame.* They are known for their high energy performance and leaving their audience wanting more. Due to covid-19 in 2020. there was some time to record their own music since 'live music' came to a halt. Finally, they released an self-titled album on January 15, 2021. Members include Rick LaBonte - Lead Vocals, Harmonica, Acoustic Guitar, Organ, Denis Bastarache - Lead Guitar, Vocals, John Kersey - Bass, Vocals, Dillon James - Drums

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The Blues Side - 2021


01. Shake My Head                                                     02. Got A Beautiful House

03. Put The Phone Down                                             04. You Don’t Know What You Got

05. I Love You Big Time                                               06. I Just Play The Blues

07. I’m Going Away                                                      08. Times Are Hard

09. Stressed Out                                                         10. The Cure

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