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The Blues Train (blues, psychedelic rock)

The Blues Train recorded an album of songs for the Burnaby, British Columbia based Condor label in 1970. Like label mates The Crazy People, not much is known about the band or the performers on the album. Condor Records was primarily known to be an exploit label that would record music to “cash in” on current musical trends.  Sometimes those “exploito” albums as they became known, would contain some remarkable music and become hits among collectors. The Blues Train appears to be one of those albums.  The original music on the album is credited to writers Joe Sanchez, Johnny Kitchen Eric Llord while there are a number of cover songs of blues standards. The album boasts some magnificent blues guitar and great vocal work by an uncredited singer.-

Blues Train - The Blues Train - 1969.jpg
Blues Train - The Blues Train - 1969.jpg


A1 Ride The Train (Eric Llord) 3:57                                                A2 Missin' You (Joe Sanchez) 4:35 
A3 Pain In My Head (Jhonny Kitchen) 3:25                                   A4 Some Body To Love (Joe Sanchez) 2:18 
A5 Hootchie Kootchie Man (Hoyt Axton) 3:05                                B1 Busted In Chicago (Billy Wolfe) 3:28 
B2 A & R Man (Joe Sanchez) 2:41                                                 B3 Coast To Coast (Joe Sanchez) 2:08 
B4 Whole Lot O' Blues (Paul Wayne/Delmar Williams) 2:29         B5 Got My Eyes On You (Ralph Morris) 2:06 
B6 Mojo (Traditional Arrangement) 2:25 

The Blues Train - 1969

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