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Lost Dakotas (alternative country)

Lost Dakotas was an alternative country band in the 1990s. The band originally consisted of vocalist Paul Dakota and bassist Greg McConnell (formerly of Absolute Whores), who began in 1989 as a busking duo at the corner of Yonge and Dundas Streets in Toronto, Ontario. Dakota and McConnell added guitarist Adam Faux and drummer Ron Duffy for their 1990 debut, Love to Play. Initially released as a limited edition cassette, the album completely sold out in just two days. The band's final recording was a cover of Bob Snider's "You" on the 1996 tribute album Poetreason: The Songs of Bob Snider. McConnell went on to form Stratochief, but died in 1999. He was replaced by Scott Bradshaw (Scott Sympathy), who performed as the band's vocalist on both of their recorded albums.

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Lost Dakotas - Last train To Kipling - 1

Last Train To Kipling - 1991


Over You 3:05                                                      To Love Someone 3:29

Somebody Will 2:31                                             Hooked On You 3:12

Closer 3:01                                                          California 3:23

Rutabega Man 3:24                                             Blue Days, Black Nights 3:14

Athens, G.A. 2:35                                                Thing For You 2:13

Heart Of Mine 3:20                                              Main Squeeze 2:57

Sugar Shaker 3:23                                               Back In Black 2:39

Wild Rove r3:55

Lost Dakotas - Love To Play - 1991.jpg

Love To Play - 1991


1 Lotta Love 2:08                                        2 In And Out Of Love 2:10

3 All Night Long 1:59                                  4 Mystified 1:35

5 Rockabilly Man 2:10                                6 Helter Skelter 1:35

7 Speak Like A Child 1:52


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Lost dakotas - Sun Machine - 1994.jpg


Truth In Your Beauty 3:10                                   Down 3:12

Too Soon To Tell 4:23                                         Better All The Time 3:47

Almost Underground 4:43                                  Once Desire 2:44

Lost Weekend 3:12                                            My Baby Knows 2:19

More Of The Same 3:40                                     In And Out Of Love 3:27

Cowboys Are Frequently Secretly 3:40              New Words Of Love 3:32

I Like It Like That 3:25                                        Hands On You 3:34

Come On 3:41

Sun Machine - 1994